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Letting people go is a natural part of business management. Sometimes you’re glad to see them go; other times, you’d rather they didn’t.

Whatever the circumstances, managing the exit process is critical, as it can lead to better staff relations – or worse, lead to disruption at owner, manager and employee level.

Our HR support and employment law knowledge helps make sure the process works for you.

We can assist with:

  • Redundancy & Employee consultation
  • Exit interviews
  • Employee Termination of Employment Negotiation
  • Employee Settlement Agreements
  • ACAS Early Conciliation Support
  • Early Stage Employment Tribunal Support
  • Outplacement support

For the non-contentious departure, learning is the key – and a well-conducted exit interview can be most revealing, providing the business is open to learning. Helping those staying behind, and managing disappointment is as important – we can help there, too.

Some departures are the result of poor performance or behavioural problems – which is partly why the recruitment process is so vital – and managing that requires patience, fortitude and support. The legal processes and protections are such that getting those wrong automatically puts you on the back foot.

We help you get those steps right, too – so tribunals are less likely, and more manageable.

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