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Since Covid-19 started to affect businesses in March, we have been doing everything we can to help business owners through these uncertain times. This includes providing the most up to date and relevant advice and guidance on furloughing.


Furlough has been a lifeline for millions, supporting people and businesses to protect jobs. But with the furlough scheme ending on 31 October, there are lots of options now open to you to get your business back up and running.

We agree with the government that it’s important for people who have been furloughed to be supported back to work. It’s beneficial for you as an employer and the individual too, as it prevents their skills from fading and helps you and them to maintain strong employment relationships.

With many employees now starting to return to work, we have focused our efforts in helping you to:

  • Ensure the safety of your workers
  • Increase your productivity

But legislation is changing all the time. There are currently three areas that you need to address:


  1. Risk Assessment

As you think about reopening your business, did you know that if you have more than 50 workers, you need to publish your risk assessment on your website and display a Notice when you have conducted the process? However, regardless of your business size, (even if you are a company with only a few employees), you still need a risk assessment. The risk assessment is about identifying sensible measures that you can take to control the risks of Covid-19 in your workplace.

To give you complete peace of mind, we can provide a full risk assessment document, with full guidance for you and your employees for a fixed fee of £400, which includes 30 minutes of telephone advice.

  1. Flexible Furlough Scheme

From 1 July, you can flex your furlough arrangements, so employees can be required to work during parts of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme claim period, while being furloughed during other parts. For flexible furlough to apply in your business, you need to have an agreement in writing, or an agreement confirmed in writing.

To make things easier for you, we can provide a template of this agreement for a fixed fee of £40.00.


  1. Job Retention Bonus

Last week the retention bonus was announced. If you bring someone back who was furloughed and continue to employ them between November and January, the government will give you a £1,000 bonus for each worker.


If you are struggling to get your head round this additional legislation, let us take the strain. We can work with you to ensure you identify the right staff so you can qualify for the bonus.

For specialist HR advice, guidance and access to relevant documentation and templates, which will save valuable time and resources and ensure a seamless transition, please get in contact today.